Monthly Archives: February 2017

Moonlight against La La Land (or David vs Goliath)

It is known that the super production La La Land is the front runner to win it all on Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.  The other contender in the prime categories of Best Picture and Best Directing, which wouldn’t cause a major upset if it did win, is the powerful indie film Moonlight. La La Land is […]

Arrival, Interstellar, and why we go to the movies.

Some movies make you say “wow” a few times while you watch in awe the ending credits roll. They leave you with the feeling that you’ve just witnessed something great. Denis Villeneuve‘s Arrival was definitely one of them for me. A near perfect cinema experience The dark and gloomy atmosphere keeps you right in that slightly […]

Star Wars: Rogue One succeeds where Awakens does not, and vice versa

I know the Star Wars hype is slowing down now (although it has 2 nominations at the Oscars). But I’m just starting to write about movies, so bare with me for a second! In fact you should thank me for giving you the time to see it, as everybody knows Star Wars screams “Spoiler Alert” louder than […]