Be a princess in 5 easy steps, by K-os

k-os 2
1 – Book the largest summer event of a city

Osheaga is clearly becoming the musical event of the summer in Montreal. The 3-day festival had everyone talking about it, before, during and after it was over. K-os was scheduled to play on Friday afternoon at 1:30pm, second on the main stages. A bit early for an artist of this quality. Or so we thought.

2 – Show up late at the festival, play half a song, then leave complaining

Getting on stage 15 minutes late, he stopped everything before completing the first song. K-os complained that he couldn’t hear himself and “loved music too much” to continue like this. He threw his all-access bracelet in the crowd before leaving with a very pathetic “I’m out”. Classy K, classy.

3 – Come back the next day, without apologizing, playing almost only covers

Whatever the problem was, it seems Osheaga and K-os resolved their differences as he got scheduled to play the very next day at 6:00 in replacement of Miguel who replaced Frank Ocean. It was K-os on stage, but the songs sounded more like “rock’n’roll like” covers mixed with lyrics from his songs. More than half the songs were covers… A bit of a mess. Lucky for him, his talented musicians saved the day on many occasions.

4 – Continue acting cocky, singing a Forgot about Dre cover, replacing “Dre” by “K”

We won’t start comparisons here (obviously), this is not the point. The point is he already lost the crowd with his attitude. It wasn’t bad, but added to the rest, it didn’t matter any more. K-os was now a has-been for Montrealers.

5 – Get the crowd to sing some Rihanna, why not!

As if it wasn’t enough, really… I mean REALLY? Really K-os, you want your fans to be singing Umbrella in unison during your show? Really? Maybe you should hide under an umbrella next time you come to Montreal. Oh yeah, and lose the Blue Jays cap by the way. I wish I could tell you guys more about this amazingly brutal show, but that was exactly the moment I made the best decision of my weekend: leaving to check out the end of Bonobo at the electronic stage. Great set!
The fact is, his performance could have been acceptable if he didn’t act like a princess the day before. The band was great. The singer, not so much. Montreal was expecting a redemption set. He gave us a mild “I’m so cool I can act like an ass and still have you idiots sing Umbrella and applaud me like if I was God”…. Well he’s got a point there. Montreal’s got a very weak memory. But that’s another story.

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